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Hipyllos took from a low chest a reed, 鈥渢he black kind,鈥 and a roll of the papyrus known among dealers by the name of taneotica.

Something in both words and tone surprised the old man..
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鈥淒id you hear?鈥 he said to Manes, 鈥渢he dumb soles spoke. It was their farewell.鈥?
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But the largest crowd outside of the theatre was not disturbed by the police. It consisted of slaves waiting for the close of the assembly to attend their masters to the market, baths, or gymnasium. These slaves were no less merry than the citizens. Their attention was specially directed to the flat roofs of the nearest houses, where a group of young slave-girls were busily sunning rugs and cushions, to get an opportunity to see the throngs of men and be seen by them. Signs, not always the most seemly, were sometimes exchanged between the square before the theatre and the roofs.!
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N A false alarm..

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