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As remarked in the case of other machines treated of, there is no use of describing the mechanism of trip-hammers; it is presumed that every engineer apprentice has seen trip-hammers, or can do so; and the plan here is to deal especially with what he cannot see, and would not be likely to learn by casual observation..
To attempt a generalisation of the operations of the fitting shop in this manner may not seem a very practical means of understanding them, yet the application will be better understood as we go farther on..
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The reader, in order to better understand what is said, may keep in mind a common shaping machine with crank motion, a machine which nearly fills the requirements for cutting tooth racks.?
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Forging plant consists of rolling mills, trip-hammers, steam-hammers, drops, and punches, with furnaces, hearths, and blowing apparatus for heating. A general characteristic of all forging machines is that of a great force acting throughout a short distance. Very few machines, except the largest hammers, exceed a half-inch of working range, and in average operations not one-tenth of an inch..
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There is not a more generous or kindly feeling in the world than that with which a skilled mechanic will share his knowledge with those who have gained his esteem, and who he thinks merit and desire the aid that he can give..

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The latter seems a plausible theory, and perhaps a correct one; but there are two facts in connection with the operation of reaction water-wheels which seem to controvert the latter and favour the first theory, namely, that reaction wheels in actual practice seldom utilise more than forty per cent. of useful effect from the water, and that their speed may exceed the initial velocity of the water. With this the subject is left as one for argument or investigation on the part of the reader.
Noting the causes and conditions which have led to this perfection in machine-tool manufacture, and how far they apply in the case of other classes of machinery, will in a measure indicate the probable improvements and changes that the future will produce.
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